A Bookish Afternoon at the Headwaters Arts Festival 

A Bookish Afternoon, Sunday October 2, 2022.

As the leaves begin to turn colour, it brings us into a new season of events. It’s a relief to see that more venues and gatherings  are increasing as the signs of the pandemic fade from the front pages. 

On Sunday, October 2nd, my wife and I attended a Bookish Afternoon at the Alton Mills Arts Center. The event was presented by BookLore and Headwaters Arts Festival

Our afternoon was refreshing as we sat in the tent listening to Eva Stachniak who wrote The School of Mirrors, Bianca Marius, who penned The Witches of Moonshyne Manor and Steve Burrows and his Tilly hat who wrote A Foreboding of Petrels.

The moderator was Bernadette Hardaker, former broadcast journalist for CBC Radio One, and since retired general manager of Theatre Orangeville. She is also the principal writer, interviewer and founder of LifeStories, where she helps people write their memoirs and preserve their family history for future generations.

Despite the coolish afternoon, the event was well attended. Wine, beer and finger food was offered to help warm and comfort us during the chilliness. 

Bernadette asked engaging questions from the panel. Eva talked about her novel set during the time of Louis XV, when young girls were trained as courtesans for the Versailles Palace. Bianca joked about her latest best selling book, a witchy rom com novel. Steve Burrows talked about his seventh book and his birder murder series featuring Dominic Jejuene, a Canadian detective.

Afterward the gas heaters blasted away the brisk air as we consumed Nanaimo bars while warming our back sides as we ate. 

Angela was keen on buying some books and getting them signed. I introduced myself to BookLore’s Nancy Frater, explaining my book outfoxed  would be available in the spring of 2023. Nancy is very supportive of local authors and has done so much for the literary community in Orangeville and surrounding areas.

It was a good afternoon all around as we have broadened  our reading circle to include these contemporary authors. 

After arriving at home Angela and I decided to begin reading Steve Burrows’ series with his first book called A Siege of Bitterns. We feel that it’s best to start at the beginning.

Many of us are grateful for BookLore’s gracious sponsorship of inspiring authors that give us stories that we can all enjoy. Hopefully in the future I’ll be discussing my book on one of these panels as well.

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A Bookish Afternoon at the Headwaters Arts Festival