Thank you Linda Park for the 5 star review!

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In this fast-paced tale, the RCMP and FBI try to stop the Foo Dog Triad from achieving their goals, as they have the same interest in ancient Chinese relics as Tracy Jordan. Readers are taken through a journey from Hong Kong to mainland China and New York City. The story explores the complex power dynamics within the Chinese Communist Party and the residual effects of the Fox family’s past in South Korea at the same time. The entwined storylines produce a complex and captivating narrative. What exactly is the purpose of the Fox Adventure?

Peter Thomas Pontsa’s captivating action-adventure book Outfoxed: An Inspector William Fox Adventure deftly combines aspects of Chinese history, espionage, and Canadian Indigenous representation. The narrative centers on Inspector William Fox and FBI Special Agent Patrick Reilly as they set out on an international quest to free American academic and archaeologist Tracy Jordan from the clutches of kidnappers who have a deep fascination with antiquated Chinese artifacts and a link to Admiral Zheng He’s legendary expeditions. In addition to the exciting hunt for criminals, the novel delves into intricate political situations, familial ties, and cultural diversity. 

I found myself wanting to continue reading for several reasons. Some highlights include the author’s meticulous depiction of Chinese history and emphasis on Admiral Zheng’s significance, which were enjoyable and instructive. It highlights how vital inclusive representation is in writing. The intensity created by the author’s writing style, which frequently switches between third-person perspectives from many characters and factions, evocates Hollywood action blockbusters. This style makes reading more enjoyable and would work well as a movie adaptation. Additionally, it would ensure that readers are not left in the dark. The cover of this book caught my eye the most. The storyline was perfectly executed, as I encountered no parts that needed more development. 

Considering that I found no displeasing aspects in this book, I’ll rate it 5 out of 5 stars. Readers who enjoy crime fiction as well as adventure and historical fiction should pick up this book, in my opinion.

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Thank you Linda Park for the 5 star review!