Ekphrastic Poetry Began  in Ancient Greece 

Ekphrastic poetry comes from the Greek; it describes a thing or visual art usually in detail. The finest example originated with Homer. He describes the shield of Achilles in the Iliad. If you know about Ekphrastic Poetry. Kudos.

Modern versions can describe the poets own interpretations of the piece. Being of Greek Macedonian heritage, I should’ve known about this form of poetry. But only recently discovered the creative art from my wife, Angela. She has a few poems dedicated to this art form. 

On May 25th we attended the Art by the Pond festival in Hillsburg. We arrived in a downpour and managed to see the sculptures and paintings around The Hillsburg library. After reviewing, and establishing, which pieces moved us, we found a quiet area to compose our poems. 

Later, on stage, we had the opportunity to share expressive feelings on the piece of art we were moved by. 

Here is a picture of my selection, and my poem to accompany it. The wooden sculpture is called Fallen Angel, by artist Lanny Shereck.

Ode to a Broken Man

by Peter Thomas Pontsa

He hit the ground hard.

Anguished features.

Eyes shut fast.

It’s said he had it all

The ceiling was fixed.

No way up only down.

All that was left.

Broken wings and legs akimbo.

Another tragedy of too high too fast

Angela van Breemen, Mike Madill, Brian and Louise Burns.

Hopefully The Over-Here Community Arts Adventure has better weather next year!

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Ekphrastic Poetry Began  in Ancient Greece