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The riveting adventure/action book written by Peter Thomas Pontsa Outfoxed: An Inspector William Fox Adventure deftly combines aspects of Chinese history, espionage, and Indigenous Canadian representation. The primary characters, Inspector William Fox and FBI Special Agent Patrick Reilly, set out on a global mission to free American scholar and archaeologist Tracy Jordan from kidnappers who are fascinated by ancient Chinese artifacts and have connections to Admiral Zheng He’s storied expeditions. In addition to the exciting hunt for criminals, the book delves into intricate political situations, intimate familial bonds, and diversity in culture.

I found myself wanting to read more for a variety of reasons. Among the book’s highlights are the author’s meticulous depiction of Chinese history and her emphasis on Admiral Zheng’s significance; both were enjoyable and instructive. It highlights the significance of inclusive writing representation. The narrative approach employed by the author, which frequently switches between third-person perspectives from multiple characters and factions, results in a gripping read that is evocative of Hollywood action flicks. I was mainly drawn to this book’s cover. The plot was completed perfectly because I didn’t think any parts needed to be explained further.

Since nothing in this book disappointed me, I’m giving it five stars. Readers who enjoy mystery, adventure, and historical fiction should pick up this book, in my opinion.

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Outfoxed can be purchased online at all major online retailers, or locally at Booklore in Orangeville, Ontario.

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FIVE Star Review!