James Bond is 70 years old!

It was 70 years ago this past April 13th that Ian Fleming’s Casino Royal, the first in the James Bond series of books, was published. Bond’s Jaguars and in particular his iconic Aston Martin have become famous. It is no small wonder that young and old alike love these cars, and I am no exception!

Neither has the enthusiasm for the movies and the books waned, which is evident when tempted by every imaginable product, from clothing, to shaving accessories, gadgets vehicles, food and drink available for the 007 fan. There is even a special 007 Aston Martin edition for the true sports car aficionado. https://www.jamesbondlifestyle.com/product/aston-martin-vanquish

Recently award-winning novelist Kim Sherwood was commissioned by Ian Fleming Publications to write a three book series set in the world of James Bond, but without our famous 007, who may be missing, captured or even killed. The new books will feature a new generation of Double O agents. The first one, Double or Nothing was published on September 1st, 2022. My wife Angela is a big fan as well, and there will be some lighthearted disputes on who gets to read the book first!

We also own all the movies and last year we started in the spring and watched one movie per week – it was a fun night of popcorn and James Bond overdose!

Now, in your opinion who is the best actor that ever played Bond? Here are three of my favourites!

Note the trademark crossed legs.

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James Bond is 70 years old!