November is our Seasonal Change…

November is when the time changes and our Aston Martin DB9 is put away for the winter. She will be on the road again early next April. I have some roses still blooming, but the gardens are pretty well finished.

This in-climate weather allows me time to write the next installment of the Inspector William Fox series. And reading more books cuddled up with our tabby Mr. T on the sofa.

Recently I’ve read a few books that I would like to share. Contention written by my friend Gary McGugan. Gary is a talented storyteller. He weaves suspense thrillers in a Soprano style mafia story with a female boss. She is ruthless, plotting and vindictive. It was an adventitious journey and an interesting plot to boot. Gary tells me there’s more to come.

Earlier this year in June during MOTIVE at the Toronto International Authors Festival, I was introduced to Jonathan Whitelaw. He is a Crime Writer of Canada member, and was participating in the authors event.

This past October 14th, I was at my own author event at Chapters in Newmarket. Jonathan‘s latest The Village Hall Vendetta was in the new release display. I bought it and enjoyed the novel. It was well written, and I had a few belly laughs. It’s also an easy-going storyline. Amita, the protagonist, reminded me of my own mother-in-law. What a joy she was. A really loved soul.

Then the most recent book I’ve read, is the The Unlocking Season by Gail Bowen. A recent webinar with Hyacinthe Miller (Kenora Reinvented) and Anthony Bidulka (Going to Beautiful) spoke on the topic of unrepresented people. I found this subject significant and thought provoking. During the presentation Anthony mentioned Gail Bowen was the first author that inspired him to write. I read Gail’s book in a few days and found her perspective and voice in women’s fiction unique and her writing certainly broadened my horizons. It’s one of her Joanne Kilborn series that I found contains some interesting high points for me. Slit throats, LSD and brainwashed religious zealots make for interesting plot. Crime writers always make things interesting.

I’ve just started reading The Alchemist. It was recommended to me by Lucia Matuonto from the Relatable Voice podcast. I’ll mention my impressions next time.

Please join us on Remembrance Day, November 11th at the Tottenham Community Centre for the New Tecumseth Public Library Local Author Showcase, and Book Fair for 2023. The Doors open at 3:00 pm and we should be finished by 5:00 pm.

Don’t forget reading heals the mind and soothes the soul.

We would love to see you there to meet some great writers, buy some wonderful books and have a chance to listen to the authors read from their novels.

November is our Seasonal Change…