Our freedom of speech is in danger

Freedom of speech has received a terrible blow with a recent attack on Salman Rushdie. He is on the road to recovery and my prayers are with him. JK Rowling has been threatened for her censure of the vile attack.

 Artistic freedom should not be open season for every radical group or individual who disagrees with the writer. After all it is mostly fiction. When authors well-known or not must be wary of their surroundings it is a major disappointment for me. This perversity has to stop, must stop, if true artistic freedom is to flourish and continue to develop. Meaningful stories that please and satisfy the yearning for empathy and feeling of emotion must be paramount.

I for one will continue in my corner of the world to stand by the principle of free speech even if I don’t always agree with it.

Tomorrow famous writers will “Stand with Salman Rushdie” on the steps of the New York Public Library in support. Read more here:

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Our freedom of speech is in danger