RCMP Musical Ride Erin

Six years ago Angela and I attended the RCMP Musical Ride at the Orangeville Fairgrounds. With breathtaking memories still strong, we decided to revisit the RCMP Musical Ride in Erin this past Saturday, August 27, 2022. 

The grandstands were full to a sold-out performance. Opening ceremonies proceeded with the dog agility show, presented by Four Paws Flying Entertainment. We enjoyed the exuberant canines scampering at full speed catching frisbees and racing each other. This was followed by the Fergus pipe band. We had missed the Highland Games a week earlier and got our yearly measure of bagpipe music.

Then the piece de resistance, our famous RCMP Musical Ride performance which was appreciated by all in attendance. The officers and horses performed a wagon wheel, a maze, a star, a turnstile, the bridal arch, and many more formations to various musical artists. The enthusiasm of the crowd was terrific.

The history of the musical ride goes back to over 121 years ago when it was first presented to the public. The ride itself is based on Calvary drills that originated with Frederick of Prussia in the 18 century. These drills became the envy of many nations. Eventually, they were adopted by the British cavalry and incorporated into horsemanship and saber drills. 

The original mounted police members had British military backgrounds and these drill maneuvers formed the foundation for the musical ride. 

The horses used today are black Hanoverians that are often seen in Olympic Games and English riding events.

Moreover, members of the musical ride are active duty officers with at least two years in the field. 

My latest novel with the fictional character RCMP inspector William Fox has me wondering if he could be involved in the musical ride. 

Perhaps in the next novel. Let me think about how his participation would fit as his presence could add to an intriguing storyline. 

My next novel begins to be organized and written over the late fall and winter of 2022 and 2023. 

I believe if William Fox can ride a Triumph Rocket 3TRC motorcycle in outfoxed, a black Hanoverian can‘t be that far off in the upcoming story.

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RCMP Musical Ride Erin