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Outfoxed: An Inspector William Fox Adventure by Peter Thomas Pontsa is an engaging action-adventure novel that skillfully weaves together elements of Chinese history, espionage, and Canadian Indigenous representation. The story follows Inspector William Fox and FBI Special Agent Patrick Reilly as they embark on a globe-trotting mission to rescue Tracy Jordan, an American academic and archeologist, from the clutches of kidnappers with a keen interest in ancient Chinese treasures and a connection to Admiral Zheng He’s historic voyages. The novel explores not only the thrilling pursuit of criminals but also complex political dynamics, family history, and cultural diversity.

While reading this book, so many things made me want to read it even more. Here are some of my favorites from this book: First, the novel’s meticulous portrayal of Chinese history and its spotlight on Admiral Zheng’s importance were both gratifying and educational. It brings to light the significance of inclusive representation in literature. The author’s writing style, with frequent shifts between third-person points of view from different characters and sides, creates tension reminiscent of Hollywood action blockbusters. This style enhances the reading experience and would lend itself well to adaptation for the screen. And it would leave no room for confusion among the readers. This book’s cover got my attention the most. The author did a great job on this book and made my love for historical fiction and adventure stronger with this fantastic book of his.

I will rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. I would recommend this book to lovers of adventure and historical books, as well as to those who would love to read books about crime. Read on to find out more.

Joyce Nwaogazie’s Reviews 

That was an ambush. A distraction. And we fell for it’ – A sizzling new series opens!

Canadian author Peter Thomas Pontsa has retired from his successful career in the dental industry having published articles in dental journals, and now he makes his debut as a novelist, having studied creative writing at the University of Waterloo. He is a member of Wordsmiths and an associate member of Crime Writers of Canada. Racing British sports cars and being a student of taekwondo enhance his rich life.

Pontsa quite successfully launches a new adventure hero in what appears to be the launch of an ongoing series. The book’s cover art rings true as does the primary character’s introduction: Inspector William Fox ’was thirty-two years old and handsome in a rugged way with balanced features, brown hair, and eyes that unmasked an inner calm and intelligence…William’s yellow RCMP jacket fell open over his black jeans exposing his standard-issue Smith & Wesson sidearm.’ Smart, savvy, and unique, Fox carries the reader through a mesmerizing tale

independent book reviewer, Grady Harp.

The Review: This was such an incredible action thriller. The shifting perspectives between this cast of characters helped highlight the international intrigue that the narrative brought to life, and the fast-paced atmosphere kept the feeling of adrenaline pumping through the reader’s veins as the plot began to reveal itself. The tension was felt heavily early on, as with the protagonist’s encounter on his boat or when Tracy finds herself having to evade locals looking to imprison American travelers, especially those who begin to seek out information regarding ancient treasures.

However, for me, the heart of this thriller came from the balance of high-octane action with nuanced personal character development, especially when William Fox’s past and present began to collide. The way William’s previous life growing up begins to seep into his present and the conflict this brings into his life, as well as the intrigue, and the way the larger plot uses this personal development to add to the stakes at play made this so enjoyable to read as a fan of the genre. The imagery and emotional depth of these characters’ backstories and chemistry together allowed the reader to truly connect to the character and the journey as a whole. 

The Verdict: Thrilling, heart-pumping, and entertaining, author Peter Thomas Pontsa’s “Outfoxed: An Inspector William Fox Adventure” is a must-read international mystery and suspense thriller filled with action, adventure, and romance. The twists and turns will keep the reader hanging onto the author’s every word, and the author does a wonderful job of leaving just enough breadcrumbs or loose ends to allow room for more adventures for fans of the next great international action hero in the literary world. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10

Anthony Avina is an author, a journalist, and a blogger

Peter definitely holds his own among my favourite crime writers of long standing. I hope he is already working on the sequel.

Paulette Kirkey, avid book reader

The premise of the story is fascinating. The age-old search for treasure is sure to catch the attention of many readers. Yet this book isn’t just about seeking treasure. It’s also a police procedural and political thriller. Each of these three genres can be difficult to write. The storylines must be interesting, and the characters, descriptions, and facts portrayed in the stories must be realistic. This is difficult to maintain for each of these genres separately, but combined, this becomes much more difficult. Peter Thomas Pontsa does an admirable job in this novel.


Outfoxed is a multi-faceted, international thriller with a hint of romance – a fast-paced ‘must read’. Canadian and American law enforcement teams working in harmony prevent the theft of priceless artifacts by the Foo Dog Triad. I look forward to more adventures from Peter Pontsa. For me, his character William Fox is the new James Bond.”

Bren Short, BLOGGEr of short’s shorts and Retired Librarian

As a person of Chinese heritage, it was very exciting for me to read a book that spotlights Chinese history, an area I’m fairly familiar with. The novel’s meticulous inclusion of elements from my culture resonated with my appreciation for the significance of Chinese history. Zheng He’s portrayal, in particular, really stood out to me because of how his groundbreaking sea discoveries and historical importance are often sidelined in discussions due to cultural biases. Witnessing his prominence in the narrative was not only gratifying but also a poignant reminder of the importance of inclusive representation.

Moreover, the author also made an effort to represent Canadian indigenous communities. This further created a rich tapestry of narratives that added flavours to the overall reading experience and fostered a sense of connection to the wider world in the setting of the book.

The entire time I was reading the book (especially in the more action-dense parts), it reminded me of one of those Jackie Chan espionage action adventure Hollywood blockbusters. While Outfoxed was by no means written like a screenplay, the constant switching between third POVs from different characters and sides exudes a dynamic akin to what we often encounter in movies. It definitely created more tension, which is perfect considering the type of story Outfoxed is telling. The impression I got from reading Outfoxed was that if hypothetically it were to be adapted to a screenplay, it would definitely be easier to adapt than other books purely because of its writing style and storyline.

And finally, by far my (unexpectedly) favourite aspect of the book: the action sequences! They are very well-written because of how visualizable, fluid, and natural the sequences are. It’s one of the biggest contributing factors to why I felt like I was reading a movie when reading through Outfoxed. The action scenes are so good they actually are sometimes better than the dialogues in my opinion because of how nice the flow is. The dialogues are sometimes a bit awkward to read because they feel like dialogues instead of actual conversations.

Anne Clarence, The reading life

In “Outfoxed,” author Peter Thomas Pontsa takes readers on an exhilarating journey filled with twists, turns, and unexpected alliances. At the heart of the story is Inspector William Fox, an RCMP officer with a penchant for luxury and a knack for going off script. When a kidnapping case involving ancient Chinese treasures and international gangsters arises, Fox finds himself teaming up with FBI Special Agent Patrick Reilly, a charming Irishman with a taste for absinthe.

Pontsa masterfully blends elements of adventure, mystery, and political intrigue, as Fox and Reilly traverse the globe in pursuit of the elusive Foo Dog Triad. From the bustling streets of Hong Kong to the ancient ruins of mainland China, and the urban jungle of New York City, the duo faces danger at every turn as they unravel the complex web of deceit and betrayal.

What sets “Outfoxed” apart is its rich tapestry of characters and meticulously researched plot. Tracy Jordan, an American academic with ties to Fox’s past, adds depth to the narrative as she embarks on a quest to uncover ancient treasures linked to Admiral Zheng He’s legendary voyages. Alongside Kevin Steptoe, a Mi’kmaq lawyer with a personal stake in the case, the characters form an unlikely alliance against a backdrop of political intrigue and power struggles.

Pontsa’s prose is sharp and engaging, keeping readers on the edge of their seats with each twist and turn of the plot. From high-speed boat chases on the St. Lawrence River to clandestine meetings in the corridors of power, it is a pulse-pounding thriller that never loses momentum.

At its core, it is not just a gripping adventure, but also a thought-provoking exploration of history, identity, and the consequences of greed and ambition. As Fox confronts his family’s past and grapples with personal demons, readers are drawn into a world where the line between justice and revenge is blurred.

With its captivating storyline, dynamic characters, and immersive setting, it is a must-read for fans of crime thrillers and political dramas alike. Pontsa’s debut novel heralds the arrival of a talented storyteller.


Peter Pontsa can be contacted here: https://peterthomaspontsa.com/contact/

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