Sharing time with fellow writers

My friend Gary McGugan, and I were having lunch and discussing books and things.

Gary is a member of the Writers Community of York Region, and suggested I join them for their open house on Sunday, September 24th. 

The open house was held at the Newmarket Community Centre and Lions Hall along the Riverwalk Commons.

Kim McDougall, presented a seminar of her writing experiences and journey over the last ten years.

It was a beautiful sunny day. People were strolling along the river and enjoying themselves and parking was a bit tight, but I managed to make it.

Mitt Gopal the board chair welcomed me at the door. Later he invited me to join David and Lei at their table. Mitt explained the many benefits of joining the group.

In the group picture, l’m the guy writing important points in my phone for later use. I’m finding it much more efficient to use the notes app on my iPhone.

Kim McDougall’s seminar was very informative as she discussed concepts like rapid release books, how essential newsletters are to reaching her audience. She touched on Amazon reviews which increased the algorithms to grow her book sales. Also discussed was using lead magnets to boost readership sales. 

Overall the information was very informative and I found my attendance a rewarding experience.

The group arranged a fund raising ticket draw with prizes that included; three chapter critiques by authors, coffee and consults, workshops, book formatting and creative seminars . Snacks and refreshments were also included.

The group encourages local authors to join and enjoy workshops and meet like-minded writers.

I had a great experience and would like to thank everyone who organized such a wonderful afternoon. I felt welcomed and encouraged to return.

As a member of wordsmiths at Alliston Library and Crime Writers of Canada I know writing groups are often the best way to share ideas and stories.

Let’s encourage the writing community to continue to share their creativity far into the future.

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Sharing time with fellow writers