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Costa Rica has been our winter destination for the last eighteen years. This is our second time at Casa Cielo’s (Heaven House). 

The Villa is located an hour and a half south of Liberia. Getting there from the main highway requires a four-by-four as the roads are dirt and littered with potholes. The municipality tries its best to maintain them. But torrential rains in the rainy season cause washed-out road surfaces.

Once there, though I remembered how tranquil and beautiful it was like the first visit. A caretaker named Lasero cleans the pool and waters the Bougainvillea and shrubs around the property. He keeps a discreet and low profile but is always there should you need him.

The villa is high on the coastal mountain range south of Tamarindo and has breathtaking ocean and mountain vistas. That makes sitting down at my desk to write downright difficult. My perseverance. did pay off as I managed to write seven chapters over the three weeks.

The time away is meant to be a writing vacation with my dear wife Angela. She also has written her debut novel called Past Life’s Revenge.

We struck a fine balance between walks on the beach (every day) and a swim in the pool. It was easy to accomplish with time for writing and even a trip to Tamarindo. The beach town has various clothing shops besides restaurants, bars, and hotels. We always manage to find good bargains. Summer shirts for me and dresses and pants for Angela

What a surprise to find Heineken Zero beer at the Super Mercado close by in Huraca. It is very refreshing after walking at thirty-seven degrees Celsius.

Mid-February to mid-March is our usual vacation period and it coincides with various indigenous trees blossoming all at once. What a beautiful and remarkable sight.

My favourite part of visiting the Pacific Coast area is the seafood. Our local Super Mercado had an assortment of fresh mahi-mahi, corbina (red snapper), tuna, and shrimp. Fresh vegetables and wonderful locally grown coffee made for a great cuisine. Let us not forget to mention reasonable prices on Chilean wines.

After the first week, I had finished reading Alex Cross Must Die by James Patterson. The chase after the dead hour’s killer was a riveting read. I recommend it to all Alex Cross fans. Having nothing else to read on my tablet I managed to find a couple of Lee Child paperbacks on the shelf another guest had left behind. I read Make Me again. Then started Better Off Dead and enjoyed them for the second time.

Lee Child is one of my favourite authors. So much so that a year ago I took his course on writing popular fiction from BBC Maestro.

It is a video program with thirty-five short lessons. You can also download and print the notes for future reference. In my view a necessity for authors just beginning or seasoned writers who embrace other points of view.

My second Inspector William Fox manuscript is still in transition. But optimistically we would like to start editing mid-year and publish around October or sooner.

Keep following my blogs to keep up with all the news and any teasers about the story.

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South in the Sun