Who is William Fox?

William is thirty-two years old and handsome in a rugged way with balanced features, brown hair, and eyes that unmask an inner calm and intelligence. He obtained his MBA at McGill, picked up a diploma in forensic accounting, and was hired by the RCMP to root out money laundering and insider trading.

When William was in his mid-teens he met then policeman Mr. Kim, a master in taekwondo, who single-handedly apprehended a gang of street thugs in South Korea who had attacked William, his younger brother Jamie and William’s teenage sweetheart, Tracy Jordan. Sadly Jamie became crippled as a result of the vicious beating.

William vowed to never again be helpless and attended the world-renowned Kukkiwon Academy in Seoul to become a sixth-degree black belt.

Years later, William’s unique skills set him on a journey to rescue Tracy Jordan from the Foo Dog Triad.

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Who is William Fox?